Who are we?

WE ARE 2110

Welcome to the 2110 (North Walsham) Squadron website; one squadron that is a part of Norfolk and Suffolk Wing.

At our squadron we strive to give every cadet the ‘full cadet experience’.

One part of the experience is an array of outdoor activities. this includes many sports including football or athletics. We also strive with fieldcraft and outdoor leadership exercises. We also give the chance for multiple cadet experiences. This includes the chance to fly in an aircraft and even gain a flying license through one of the scholarships.

Each cadet can find their speciality within the core, which they can pursue down multiple pathways. For example a cadet with a interest in computers can complete the cyber syllabus; ranging from blue to gold cyber awards.

2110 squadron is run by a team of dedicated volunteer staff who co-ordinate activities at many different levels whether that be on a squadron evening or at a weekend including field exercises to first aid nights. These staff have different roles with different responsibilities – some are in uniform in the rank of a RAFAC Officer or Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) – these are the people that run our unit. This includes the Officer Commanding of the squadron. Others are what we call civilian instructors, who are volunteers that bring specific skills and expertise to the team.

We also have other volunteers that form part of our Civilian Committee (Civ Com). at our squadron, this is made up of parents of the cadets or adults who share an interest in the squadron. They are responsible for looking after the welfare of members of the squadron and raising funds for this squadron.

Squadron parade nights are also run and maintained by cadets who form part of a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) team. This is made up of cadets who have progressed in their training and have been awarded new ranks by the OC to Wing; this ranges from Corporal to Cadet Warrant Officer.